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GMAK provide a cost effective, high value solution with a wide experience of providing accounting and financial services to a diverse range of clients.

Choosing the right accountant to advise you on your personal or business issues is an important matter. Whether you are an individual, a voluntary organisation or a small business we can help you.

We pride ourselves on offering a personal, friendly and comprehensive range of services which we can tailor and dedicate to meet your needs.

We offer the expertise, service and attributes your may associate with a larger firm; yet retain values you may associate with a small firm in terms of close client relationships.



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    Unbelievably, it has been illegal to make phone calls or text while driving a car, but not illegal to play games or take

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    15/10/2020 - More...

    The government is moving ahead with plans to build free trade zones - known as Freeports - across Britain after Brexit.

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